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Sell property > Create a web page

How it works

It's simple.  Just answer some questions about your property to create a free web page featuring:

  • a unique web address like FSBOSac.com/1234.
  • the ability to add photos and pdf-formatted documents.
  • free editing so that you can modify your webpage ad at any time.
  • a mortgage calculator.
  • a Contact Seller form in case you don't want to reveal your phone number and e-mail address.
  • a link to a Google map of your property.
  • traffic statistics so you'll know how many people are visiting.
We'll also use the content from your web page ad to create:

  • color or black & white flyers that you can duplicate on your printer or at a print shop.
  • a ready-made ad that you can upload for free onto Craigslist and Backpage.
There's no contract, no commission, no strings. We won't "poach" your buyers or sell your information to outsiders. If you need help creating your web page, please call FSBOSac.com support at (707) 481-1776. If you already have a page on another website or flyer, just call or e-mail us at support@FSBOSac.com to give us permission and we'll use the information from that source to create a web page for you.

FSBOSac.com is a part of a network of locally-owned FSBO website businesses.  Click here for more information.
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